September, 3am

by Astronaut Club

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Little EP composed of songs recorded one morning at 3am amongst a haze of sleeplessness and all the usual worries. Vocals delivered most of the time as practically a whisper, grey-soaked guitar strummings, and the inevitable sounds of outside life leaking through (even that still happens in the small hours, apparently...). It's not much of a dedication, only 13 minutes or so all up, so why not listen? Up to you.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy it.

Recommended track: 'Try or try or try'


released September 16, 2012

Tom McCone - 12-string acoustic guitar, vocals, mastering, cover art.



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Open Soul Surgery Dunedin, New Zealand

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Track Name: altrock is dead and I'm drunk
...I think mainly of you,
during the daylight hours...
Track Name: all gravel where you cough
Track Name: Uncertainty is best when you're not sure why
'...fleet to sea,
head to shoreline,
cannonball strike...'
Track Name: pt i and ii
'...out of the road, now,
out of the headlights,
and I have become cold,
maybe I've become right...'
Track Name: This is the part where I start dreaming in colour
[instrumental, strange]
Track Name: Try or try or try
'...sometimes I see the way things are headin',
downwards, downwards,
will you trust me now?
will you trust me now?...'